87 Buick Grand National Purple

87 Buick Grand National Purple

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1:24th '87 BuickTM Grand NationalTM 2 'n 1

Product ID: 85-2082

Scale: 1:24
Length: 8-3/8"
Width: 3-1/4"

One of the wildest rides ever, "DONK'S" are the hottest new car culture! Originating with '70's Impala's and Caprice's, today it's anything goes! From mild to wild, the name of the game is "BIGGER IS BETTER"! You can't be caught rollin on 20's, you need 26's. All that matters is who has the biggest and baddest.

  • A 2'n 1 kit that provides additional parts to build either an
    authentic stock version or a custom hi-riser with "donk" attitude!
  • Realistic bodywork molded in white polystyrene with beautifully scribed surface details!
  • Opening hood.
  • Highly detailed V-6 engine with optional custom parts.
  • Flavorful interior detail.
  • Detailed stock suspension with optional donk size height!
  • Choose between simulated factory stock rims and treaded tires, or killer 26" dubs and low profile treads!
  • Wheels roll.
  • Optional custom and stock waterslide decals.
  • Illustrated assembly guide.