69 Dodge Charger

69 Dodge Charger

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1:25 Scale '69 Dodge Charger

Product ID: 85-2546
Skill Level 2
Length: 8-1/4"
Width: 2-3/4"

In its day, the 1969 Charger was one of the toughest muscle cars on the automotive scene. Since then, it has achieved status among muscle car fans. With its timeless styling and monster engine thundering under the hood, it's no wonder the Charger became a legend. Plenty of get up and go!

  • Has a "coke bottle" profile with sculptured scoops in the doors and hood, and rakish "flying buttress" C-pillars that flanked a recessed rear window.
  • Broad grille opening is split in the center by a louvered vertical divider.
  • Equipped with the standard 375-horsepower 440 Magnum engine.
  • Body features a vinyl top, seperate racing-style gas cap, and a choice of red, white, or black "bumblebee" R/T stripes.
  • Fully detailed chassis features poseable front steering and a detailed engine compartment with seperate underhood components.
  • Authentic factory stock detailing decals.
  • Molded in white, clear, and transparent red with chrome plated parts and black vinyl tires.